• Manual and manipulative therapy (Hands on)
  • Soft tissue massage and release
  • Sports massage (Deep tissue massage)
  • Relaxation massage (Swedish)
  • Headache clinic
  • Strength and balance programmes
  • Movement patterning assessment/correction
  • Pain education/ understanding/management
  • Acupuncture
Seatoun Physio Wellington Treatments

My Approach

My approach combines manual therapy, movement rehabilitation and strengthening.

Much of my work focuses on spinal problems (neck and back), including cervicogenic headaches and postural issues, the shoulder, and the hip and knee (often inter- related).

My methodology and experience are effective to improve many conditions,

including joint soreness and arthritic changes associated with ageing

and the resulting reduced muscle strength and general condition.

I also effectively treat many non-acute sporting aches, pains and niggles often stemming from muscle imbalances and inappropriate training form or regimes.

I am an extremely motivated therapist and continually update my skills by attending

courses and conferences both nationally and internationally (when possible).

My Goal

My target goal is to provide the highest quality treatment and education so you can perform and function
at the level you aim for with a good understanding of how to get the best from your body without
predisposing yourself to injury.

Appointments and Hours

Flexible hours available early morning and evening as well as through the day. Private quiet treatment room

Appointment duration according to requirement (normally 30-60mins).

Home visits available.

Need More Information?

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