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A very high standard of professional practice to assess and plan your treatment programme

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What to Expect

A very high standard of professional practice to assess and plan your treatment programme.

Initially, a discussion of your problem, its timeline and what your expectations are. A medical history, background of your activity levels and general lifestyle will be discussed as these often contribute greatly to your overall well-being and health.

Following this a thorough physical examination will be undertaken (with your permission).

I will then explain what I believe the contributing factors are, what the issue(s) is and what I propose as the way forward. In some cases, with your approval, it may be appropriate to refer to your G.P. or other practitioners.

However, usually, we will discuss a treatment plan and schedule of management including what you should address for optimal outcomes.

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Conditions Treated
  • Spinal problems, back, pelvic and neck pain. Headaches/shoulder tension
  • Joint pain and strains/sprains
  • Arthritis management
  • Sports problems
  • Running injuries/niggles/discomfort
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Persistent pain conditions
  • Pain with computer/office work
  • Pre and post-operative rehabilitation
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About Kara Mulvein

M.N.Z.S.P., MSc Manip Therapy BSc (Hons)

With over 30 years of experience as a manual therapist, I am an expert musculoskeletal clinician. I have a passion for manipulative physiotherapy and a keen interest in the neurophysiology of pain and the many contributors to the persistent pain model.

My work with the British Military (all three services including Special Forces) saw me dealing with both acute injuries and ongoing problems including providing management and education for persistent pain. The development of programmes for positive future lives was particularly rewarding.

I also have expertise in the management of women’s health problems including pre-and post-natal back pain and pelvic floor dysfunction.

I’ve worked in practical and managerial roles in both the public and private sectors in New Zealand, the UK and Australia. I’ve also worked in France and volunteered in India.

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Seatoun Physiotherapist Wellington

Target your Health and Well-being

There has been plenty written in the media and there are also good research papers on the benefits of regular exercise, a healthy diet and good sleep routines. All are important to overall health, well-being and injury recovery. However, sometimes with a busy lifestyle, we forget how important small, easy-to-implement habits can have a big effect on our overall health throughout our life stages. This includes cardiovascular health, a robust immune system and healthy neurological tissue (especially our brains!).

During our time together, I will endeavour to advise you on how some simple routines can work for you. This could be as simple as some breathing exercises, flexibility exercises or direction to an activity that you feel would fit in with your schedule and would be beneficial … whether a 5-minute routine a day or something more.

With a long history of working in Wellington (over 20 years), I have a good knowledge of other health practitioners who may also be able to assist in reaching your target goals


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